About @TeamGGeneSIS
The Team for GGene S.I.S., LLC is also known as TeamGGeneSIS. We have a combination of over 30 years expertise in marketing and website design and development. Our main goal is to inspire and empower start-ups to Market Like A Queen and stand out in their industries as leaders.

About Team Lead
Donna Marie Johnson is the CEO of GGene S.I.S., LLC and the Lead for TeamGGeneSIS. She has been in business as a marketing consultant for over 19 years in Atlanta, GA USA

About This Q&A Website
This website is a question and answer site that helps you discover answers to common questions about why and how to start website for new business. (alternate url: why.startwebsitefornewbusiness.com )

It was started as an interactive site where you can also ask your questions - click here.

Testimonials From Clients
Visit the main website to see what clients have said about us at: DonnaMarieJohnson.com/testimonials 

Testimonials About Donna Marie Johnson Consulting

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