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That is a great question that only you can truly answer for yourself. My job as a marketing strategy consultant is to provide wisdom to help guide you; and as a marketing agency owner, to provide website design and other marketing services.

I and my team are available in Atlanta or by phone to get your project started with a free new client session. We provide the support you need for your start-up project, with customization, instead of giving a cookie-cutter website that looks very much the same as the one all of your competitors purchased.

How To Get Started?

Step 1 - Set up your appointment for your new client session ($0, free)

Step 2 - Take the website needs survey ($0, free)

What To Expect During Free Clarity Session Phone Call?

*Share about your marketing for your new business or start-up org or ministry.

*Get free feedback and advice to help you make your marketing better.

*Learn about our customized web design and marketing services by @TeamGGeneSIS, along with pricing.

After Your Free Session?

*Check your email for a summary of your session.

*Choose to take the next step with your first paid consultation.

Special Discount?

If you tell us that you saw our ad here, you can claim a one time new client  discount of $27 off your first paid consultation session of $77 or more.

How To Reach Us Any Time?

Reach out to us 24/7 online, by phone or by text message.

Learn more at this link:


*Where are you located?

--Local meetings for paying clients are usually held at Club E Atlanta in Historic Downtown College Park.

*When can I reach you?

--All meetings are by appointment only locally or by phone.

--I am known for being accessible and highly responsive to messages sent through my website or by phone/text.

*Do I have to meet in person if I am in Atlanta?

--Most paying clients choose to meet by phone, even if they are in Atlanta.

*Where do I send snail mail?

Address Envelope To:

Mail To: PO Box 87002 Atlanta, GA 30337