Event marketing can be a huge challenge for even experienced event planners.

image q and a about event marketing

Here are some of the common questions clients have asked me:

  • Why do I need a website for my event?
  • What are the best places to advertise events online?
  • Should I pay for my own event website or just use a service (i.e., eventbrite)?

Over time, I'll add in some of my answers to this website. You can also have a free session with me to get my feedback specifically about your business' marketing.

What I recommend for event marketing is...


Always start website for new business or new event.


Use other services (i.e., Eventbrite) to:

  • Give convenience for clients, guests or learners.
  • Give an easy way for partners to refer their friends and family to get tickets.
  • Access additional ads and marketing as a benefit of using their service.
  • Use enhanced analytics tracking features on their website.
    • Link your event page from their service into your main website.
    • you have a good website (i.e., Wordpress Self-Hosted), you may even want to embed the page into your own site

Other Answers:

  • FREE EVENT WEBPAGE - Paying for their service (i.e., Eventbrite) is only required if your event is not a free event.
  • MERCHANT FEES - For paid events, the back-end fees are about the same as what you are charged by most merchant services providers.
  • SAVE TIME - The trade off between convenience and time savings on your end may make the back-end fees worthwhile.