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Here are some common questions about Web Design

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  • How do you know what is the best web design for your new website?
    • Understanding your target marketing is critical to choosing the best web design.
    • One of the services that @TeamGGeneSIS includes in our web design packages is coaching to help you understand how to choose the best web design (i.e., understanding your target market/audience).
  • What is the most affordable type of web design?
  • Why do I need to bother with choosing a custom web design versus just using a template?
  • What is the average price to get a nice web design for my new website?

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3 Common Web Design Mistakes That Start-Ups Make

  • 1. Using a template and leaving the default template sample text or sample social media links, instead of replacing it with your own.
    • HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM? Take the time to actually navigate through every webpage to check for errors and to test any links that are present on the pages.
    • Testa all social media icons and links, make sure they actually point to your actual social media profiles.
  • 2. Not setting aside enough time to keep your website updated or not hiring someone to do that for you.
    • There was a time when a 3 year old website that hadn't been updated since it was created was acceptable. Because of social media, it is no longer acceptable.
    • When people visit your website (and social profiles), they at least expect to see a new blog article or a new event or offer. So, schedule which content you will update on your site (and profiles) as part of your regular weekly, monthly and quarterly system for your business.
  • 3. Putting your email opt-in form too far down on the page (or not having one at all) so that visitors never see it and sign up.
    • You may not have a choice about this if you use a free website, such as Wordpress dot com. They will not allow you to use some types of forms on their websites. You may have to default to their comment form option.
    • If you have your own website (i.e., self-hosted wordpress), you can install a plug-in and integrate it with your favorite email campaign tool (i.e., Mailchimp). Every time someone enters a new email address, it is automatically added to your list.
    • There are many plug-ins that will help you capture new email leads in different ways. Test out which ones work best for your audience. For example, some people are turned off by pop-up email opt-in boxes. So, test that, and if it does work well for your website visitors and help you get lots of new sign-ups, then stick with it. However, if your analytics show that your bounce rate drastically increased after adding that plug-in, then turn that off and test out something else.